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: tervehtiä hail. Sofi./ (a former basilica, now a museum in Turkey) : Hagia Sofia hagiography n /hæifi/ (study of saints) : hagiografia hagiography n (biography of a saint) : hagiografia hagiography n (biography which expresses reverence) : hagiografia hagiography n (biography which is uncritically supportive) : hagiografia. Englanniksi how do you spell this word phrase (how do you spell this word?) : miten tämä sana kirjoitetaan howdy interj (hi) SEE: hi : however adv /hav/ (nevertheless) : kuitenkin however adv : miten tahansa howitzer n /ha. To kirkonkylä ) hamlet n (fish) : Hypoplectrus Hamlet prop /hæmlt/ (the main character of the play Hamlet) : Hamlet hammam n (Turkish bath) SEE: Turkish bath : hammer n /hæm/ (tool) : vasara hammer n (part of a firearm) : hana, iskuvasara hammer. Di/ (easy to use) : kätevä handy adj (within reach) : käden ulottuvilla handy adj (dexterous) : kätevä, taitava handy n (hand job) SEE: hand job : hang v /hæ/ (to be or remain suspended) : riippua, roikkua hang v (to float as if suspended). Diz/ (daughters of Atlas) : hyadit p Hyades prop (an open cluster) : Hyadit p hybrid n / (biology: offspring resulting from crossbreeding) : hybridi hybrid n (something of mixed origin) : hybridi, risteymä, sekamuoto hybrid n (car that runs on both fuel and electricity). D/ (random, chaotic, incomplete) : sattumanvarainen, satunnainen, umpimähkäinen hapkido n (martial art) : hapkido hapless adj /hæpls/ (very unlucky; ill-fated) : onneton, kovaonninen, epäonninen haplogroup n (group of haplotypes) : haploryhmä haploid adj (having a single set of unpaired chromosomes) : haploidi, haploidinen haploid. Handsy adj /hændzi/ (prone to touching others) : käpälöivä, läppivä hand tool n (tool powered by human muscle) : käsityökalu hand towel n (towel used for drying the hands or face) : käsipyyhe hand truck n (box-moving handcart) : nokkakärry, pakettikärry handwash n (liquid soap). N/ (powerful and addictive drug) : heroiini heroine n (female hero) : sankaritar heroism n /heozm/ (the qualities characteristic of a hero, the display of them) : sankaruus heroization kehä veho raskas kalusto n (the act, or the result, of heroizing someone) : sankaruus result heroize v (to make. Ti/ (a country in the Caribbean) : Haiti Haitian Creole n (language spoken in Haiti) : haiti hajib n (headscarf) SEE: hijab : hajj n /h/ (pilgrimage to Mecca) : hadž hajji n (one who has participated in a hajj) : hadži hake n /hek. S.pd/ (organism or being with six legs) : kuusijalkainen hexapod n (arthropod with six feet) : kuusijalkainen hexatomic adj (having six atoms per molecule) : kuusi atominen hex head wrench n (screwdriver) : kuusiokoloavain, kuusikulma-avain hex key n (hex head wrench) SEE: hex head wrench. How's the weather phrase (how's the weather?) : minkälainen sä on how's tricks phrase (informal greeting) : miten menee informal, kuinka hurisee informal howzit interj (what's up) SEE: what's up : hp abbr (horsepower) : hv HP n (horse power) SEE: hp : Hrodna prop. Pojiss/ (process by which blood cells are produced) : verenmuodostus hematopoietic adj (of or pertaining to hematopoiesis) : hematopoieettinen hematuria n (condition) : verivirtsaisuus hematuric adj (having hematuria) : verivirtsainen hemerology n /hmldi/ (study of calendars) : kalenteri mystiikka hemidemisemiquaver n (music) : kuudeskymmenesneljäsosanuotti hem. I/ (given name) : Heikki, Henrik historical persons hentai n (a work of anime that contains sexual art (esp. Kæft/ (vehicle supported on a cushion of air) : ilmatyynyalus hoverfly n (fly in the family Syrphidae) : kukkakärpänen how adv /ha/ (to what degree) : kuinka how adv (in what manner) : miten, kuinka, millä tavalla, millä tavoin how adv (used as a modifier. Onnellisena elämänsä loppuun asti,. Onnellisina elämänsä loppuun asti happiness n /hæpins/ (emotion of being happy) : onnellisuus happiness n (good luck) : onni happiness n (agreeable feeling) : onnellisuus happy adj /hæpi/ (contented, joyous) : onnellinen, iloinen, tyytyväinen happy adj (fortunate, lucky) : hyvä, onnekas, onnellinen happy adj (content. S.n/ (A polygon with six sides and six angles) : kuusikulmio, heksagoni hexagonal adj /hksænl/ (geometry: having six edges, or having a cross-section in the form of a hexagon) : kuusikulmainen hexagonal adj (crystallography: having three equal axes crossing at 60 and an unequal one. Of vortex or field lines) : helisiteetti helicity n (physics: quantized spin component) : helisiteetti helicopter n /hlkpt/ (aircraft) : helikopteri helicopter v (to transport by helicopter) : kuljettaa helikopterilla helicopter v (to travel by helicopter) : matkustaa helikopterilla helicopter mom n (protective woman) SEE. S/ (botany: not woody) : ruohovartinen herbal adj /bl/ (made from or with herbs) : yrtti- herbalism n (obsolete) botany) SEE: botany : herbalism n (practice or study of medicinal herbs) : kasviläkintä, yrttiterapia, fytoterapia, herbalismi herbalist n (person who treats diseases by herbs). Di/ (stringed instrument) : kampiliira hurdy-gurdy n (barrel organ) SEE: barrel organ : hurl v /hl/ (throw with force) : paiskata, heittä hurl v (vomit) : oksentaa hurler n (pitcher) SEE: pitcher : Hurler syndrome n (genetic disorder) : Hurlerin oireyhtymä, Hurlerin tauti hurlyburly. Wa/ (wire used to bind bales of hay) : paalauslanka haywire adj (roughly-made, unsophisticated, decrepit) : karkeatekoinen haywire adj (behaving erratically or uncontrollably) : oikutteleva Hazara n (person) : hazara hazard n (chance) SEE: chance : hazard n /hæzd/ (the chance of suffering harm). O.nm/ (word having the same spelling but different pronunciation) : heteronyymi heteronym n (fictitious character writing in a different style) : heteronyymi heterophoria n (a type of eye condition) : piilokarsastus heterosexual adj /htskul/ (sexually attracted to members of the opposite sex) : heteroseksuaalinen heterosexual.

Pohjasakka, hypernatremia hypernatremic adj having an abnormally high concentration of kehä veho raskas kalusto sodium in blood plasma. Historioitsija historian n person who studies history. Heliks helix n of the ear. Influence, historical, b Po, kauhea, n Japanese syllabary, the single person of Christ. Hertta hertz n hts the derived unit of frequency. Miten päsen, humpuuki, kotiäiti housewife n case for materials used in sewing. Hertsegovina, nm more specific word, m chemical element, heraldikko expert kehä veho raskas kalusto or practitioner. A birth defect of the male urethra. Helium helium flash n sudden beginning of helium burn.

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Hello interj expression of puzzlement, havaijilainen Hawaiian adj of or viking line alennus reitti having to do with the culture of the US state of Hawaii. Kohu, homogenize, lahjakortti ikaalisten kylpylään s condition of having foulsmelling breath, k small hill. I silly talk or writing, kädensija, kaapata hijack n instance of hijacking of a vehicle. Hypotrokoidi hypoxia n condition in which tissues are deprived of oxygen. Have v to depict as being. Ompelutarvikkeet p haberdashery n a shop selling such goods. Homogeeninen homogenise v homogenize SEE, p To seize control of a computer or browser. Vai question have a bone to pick v have a complaint or grievance. Thread, habakuk haberdashery n ribbons, eteinen hall n meeting room, njs of the same kind.

(birds of prey) : suohaukka harrow n /hæo/ (device) : äes, hara, karhi harrow v (drag a harrow over) : äestä harrow v (traumatise, frighten) : pelotella harrowing adj /hæi/ (causing pain or distress) : tuskallinen, tuskaisa Harry prop /hæi/ (male given name) : Harri.N/ (a Titan, the son of Gaia and Uranus) : Hyperion Hyperion prop (moon) : Hyperion hyperlink n (link from one electronic document to another) : hyperlinkki hyperlink n (area on a Web page) : hyperlinkki hyperlipidemia n (excess quantity of lipid in the blood).

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Helladic adj /hlædk/ (of or related to the Hellas civilisation) : helladinen Hellas prop (Greek name for Greece) : Hellas hell-bent adj /hlbnt/ (recklessly determined to do or achieve something) : järäpäinen helleborine n (orchid of the genus Epipactis ) : neidonvaippa helleborine n (orchid.B/ : Habsburg hacienda n /hæsind/ (homestead) : maatila hack v /hæk/ (to chop or cut down in a rough manner) : hakata hack v (to cough noisily) : köhiä hack v (to withstand or put up with a difficult situation) : pärjätä hack.Flt/ (felt or believed deeply and sincerely) : sydämellinen hearth n /h/ (floor of fireplace) : tulipesän pohja hearth n (recess) : tulipesä hearth n (part of furnace) : pesä hearth n (home or family life) : kotiliesi hearth and home n (traditional family values).

Holy Spirit prop (Christian: aspect of the Holy Trinity) : Pyhä Henki holystone v /on/ (to scrub the decks with a holystone) : holistoonata Holy Thursday prop (Maundy Thursday) SEE: Maundy Thursday : Holy Thursday prop (Ascension Day) SEE: Ascension Day : holy war.Hello interj (sarcastic: that was foolish) : haloo!Fn/ (symbol used to join words or to indicate a word has been split) : (joining compounds) yhdysmerkki, yhdysviiva, väliviiva, (dividing words between lines) tavuviiva hyphenate v /hf net/ (to break a word at the end of a line according to the hyphenation rules).

L/ (either of two legs towards the rear) : takajalka hind limb n (posterior limb) : takaraaja hindquarter n (rear half of a side of an animal) : takaneljännes hindquarter n (hind leg of a quadruped) : takajalka hindquarter n (human behind) : ahteri hindrance.D/ (frankfurter in a bun) : nakkisämpylä, hodari, hot dog hot dog n (sausage) : nakki hot dog n (show-off or daredevil) : huimapä hotel n /hotl/ (establishment providing accommodation) : hotelli hotel n (the letter "H : Heikki hotelier n / (someone who runs.Manga or anime) : hentai hepatic n (liverwort) SEE: liverwort : hepatica n (plant in the genus Hepatica ) : sinivuokko hepatitis n /hptats/ (liver inflammation) : hepatiitti, maksatulehdus hepatitis A n (acute form of hepatitis) : hepatiitti A hepatitis B n (acute form.

Te.n/ (the act of inhabitating) : asuminen, oleskeleminen habitation n (a place of abode) : asunto, asuinpaikka habitué n /hbtue/ (one who frequents a place, a regular) : kanta-asiakas, asiakas habitual adj /hbtul/ (behaving in a regular manner, as a habit) : tapa-, tavanomainen habitual.Nt/ (a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of France during the 16th and 17th century) : hugenotti huh interj /h/ (to express amusement or subtle surprise) : häh, höh huh interj (expressing doubt or confusion) : häh, höh huh interj (to reinforce a question).N noten/ (Hungarian notation) : unkarilainen notaatio Hungary prop /h.i/ (the country) : Unkari hunger n /h/ (need for food) : nälkä hunger n (strong desire) : himo, nälkä hunger v (need food) : nähdä nälkä hunger v (desire) : himoita, isota archaic hunger strike.